Advanced Diagnostic Testing

A thorough approach through state-of-the-art techniques

Understanding the depths of individual health requires precise and comprehensive diagnostic tools that look into every factor impacting our general wellness and longevity. At Ecore, Advanced Diagnostic Testing embodies a thorough approach to understanding and improving your health through state-of-the-art testing techniques.

Comprehensive tests for a holistic health state view

Our comprehensive suite of tests includes genomic testing, routine blood work, allergy and antibody assessments, metabolic function evaluations, food sensitivity tests, and environmental toxin exposure assessments. Each test is designed to dig deep into various aspects of your health, providing critical insights that allow us to tailor personalized treatment plans and preventive strategies.

Understanding conditions

Our diagnostic testing is pivotal for a broad spectrum of conditions. It's particularly effective for managing and understanding genetic disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergies, metabolic syndromes, and nutritional imbalances. Moreover, these tests are crucial for those exposed to environmental toxins and for anyone committed to maintaining and enhancing their health through targeted, data-driven strategies.

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Advanced Diagnostic Testing

What our patients can expect

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Genomic testing and interpretation

Our genomic testing offers insights into genetic predispositions that can influence health, allowing for personalized preventive strategies and targeted treatments that align with the patient's unique genetic makeup.

Routine blood work & analysis

Comprehensive blood work is a cornerstone of our diagnostic approach, providing essential data on the patient's health status and aiding in the detection of a wide range of conditions.

Allergy & anti-body testing

These assessments delve into the body's metabolic processes and how different systems are functioning in unison. Understanding these dynamics allows us to pinpoint areas of inefficiency or imbalance, guiding interventions that can optimize metabolic health and overall well-being.

Nutritional and food sensitivity testing

By identifying specific foods that may trigger adverse reactions or sensitivities, we can customize dietary plans that eliminate problematic ingredients, enhance nutritional intake, and support overall health. This testing is instrumental in addressing gastrointestinal issues, inflammation, and other food-related conditions.