Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

Identify weak points through our tailored consultations

Ecore's Lifestyle Medicine Consultations provide a personalized evaluation of each patient's health habits and environmental factors to enhance overall well-being. These comprehensive assessments identify areas for improvement and strengths to harness, leading to tailored health recommendations.

Take control of your journey

Patients engage in goal setting and receive actionable plans that easily integrate into daily routines. The service includes regular follow-ups to track progress, adjust plans as needed, and ensure sustained commitment to health goals. Additionally, patients are equipped with educational resources, digital tools, and apps designed to facilitate and reinforce healthy lifestyle changes.

Prevention for health

This service is designed for individuals seeking to improve their general health, manage or prevent chronic diseases, and enhance their mental and physical well-being through lifestyle changes. It is especially beneficial for those with chronic conditions requiring integrated care approaches. The consultations are particularly effective for managing conditions influenced by lifestyle factors, such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension. They also support mental health improvements and are integral to preventive health strategies that mitigate the risk of developing chronic diseases.

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Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

What our patients can expect

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Individualized lifestyle assessment

We conduct thorough assessments to gain a deep understanding of each patient's lifestyle, identifying areas for improvement and strengths to build upon. This personalized approach forms the basis for tailored recommendations and interventions, as we aim to exclusively provide recommendations and approaches that make sense for each patient.

Goal setting and action plans

Collaboratively, we work with patients to set achievable health and wellness goals, creating detailed action plans that outline steps for lifestyle changes. These plans are designed to be realistic, measurable, and tailored to fit into each patient's daily life - all while keeping things simple.

Follow-up consultations to track progress

Through regular follow-up consultations, we monitor patients' progress, celebrate successes, and address challenges. These sessions provide an opportunity for ongoing support, motivation, and adjustments to the action plans as needed. We strive to be a long-term partner for each client that enters our clinic.

Resources and tools for lifestyle modification

To support patients in their journey toward healthier lifestyles, we offer a variety of resources and tools, such as educational materials, apps, and trackers, designed to facilitate and reinforce lifestyle changes. The end goal is to support you every step of the way toward improved wellness.